3M LeadCheck Approved For Use in Wisconsin For RRP Lead Paint Work

On Wednesday, Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services (DHS) approved 3M LeadCheck for use by Lead Safe Renovators when they’re working on projects within the scope of the EPA’s Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) rule. apple carcasa iphone 6 silicona Haven’t heard the news yet? Well, don’t be too shocked—DHS hasn’t made an official announcement yet or anything, but they did write a letter to 3M about it, which you can read here:

On the face of it, this appears to be a good thing for Wisconsin’s contractors, electricians, painters, property managers and other renovators. samsung j3 2016 carcasa Instead of being required to assume that a painted surface within a pre-1978 home or child-occupied facility is lead-based, now contractors can use LeadCheck and at least have the opportunity to escape having to follow the extra lead-safe work requirements. To borrow the LeadCheck slogan, “If it’s red, there’s lead.” Well, if it doesn’t turn red … uhm … I know this won’t rhyme, but “If it doesn’t turn red, then you’re off the hook following the RRP guidelines.” So besides that catchy slogan we’re passing along, we also want to let you know that we’ve began offering LeadCheck in our online store. It’s available now and shipping immediately. So why did I preface the prior paragraph with “this appears to be a good thing”? I did that for two reasons: time and liability. carcasa negra iphone 6 First, doing this testing on your own will require time. As the Certified Renovator, you are required to test every coated surface that will be disturbed during the renovation; you also need to be thorough, and you need to properly test every layer of paint on the surface. When you’re done testing, you need to compile a lead testing report and then deliver that to the client within 10 days of the completed renovation. Last, doing your own testing will increase your liability at that job site. carcasa gato iphone 8 Not only is there a chance that you could improperly use LeadCheck—which could result in an inaccurate reading—but there is also a 5% chance that LeadCheck will give an inaccurate reading even when used properly. This means that, even though LeadCheck said there was no lead at that job site, you could still end up spreading dangerous amounts of lead dust around that job site. carcasa movil galaxy a5 Regardless whether you choose to do your own lead testing or have a different company do it for you, we have you covered. Go ahead and buy some LeadCheck today or call us today to schedule a third-party lead test at your next job site.

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