Contractor Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison and Fined $62K for Asbestos Violations

Contractors: If you’re caught illegally handling, removing or disposing of asbestos-containing materials, you could be fined many thousands of dollars, and you could very well serve prison time—just ask Duane “Butch” O’Malley, who was ordered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in July to pay $62,000 in fines and restitution and sentenced to 10 years in prison for illegally mucking around with asbestos in the town of Kankakee, Ill., in 2009. In case you don’t know much about it, asbestos is a mineral fiber that has been used in building materials for years and years. When it’s handled, microscopic asbestos fibers become airborne, and then they may find their way into the lungs of workers and building inhabitants. At it’s worst, asbestos can cause lung cancer or mesothelioma—dang! On the whole, the EPA is fairly considerate of circumstance when meting fines. The reason O’Malley’s fine was so large is because his violations were so egregious. samsung s8 plus carcasa When agreeing to do the job—removing asbestos-containing insulation from pipes in a five-story building—O’Malley drastically undercut what trained asbestos abatement contractors would have charged. To know how much to undercut, O’Malley clearly had an indication of what his competitors were charging for similar work, so he almost certainly knew about asbestos-related laws that are part of the U.S. Clean Air Act, which he violated. On the job site, O’Malley—owner and operator of Origin Fire Protection of Bourbonnais, Ill.—failed to notify tenants about the ongoing work in the building. He also neglected to train his workers for handling the materials. As a result, the asbestos-containing material was not wetted when it was removed (water weighs down the particles so they do not float through the air). fundas iphone 6s plus carcasa After the material was removed, O’Malley’s workers placed the waste in 100 un-marked plastic bags. carcasa con tapa iphone 6 plus Next, those bags were taken 30 minutes away to Hopkins Park, Ill., and they were left in an open field. carcasa iphone 6s baloncesto In the end, the tenants, O’Malley’s workers and anyone who comes across that open field in Hopkins Park could suffer from asbestos exposure. The federal court has yet to sentence Michael J. Pinski of Kankakee, who hired O’Malley, and James A. Mikrut of Manteno, Ill., who took care of hiring for O’Malley. carcasas iphone x Under the Clean Air Act, contractors, landlords and property managers are required to control the removal, handling and disposal of asbestos. Rest assured that Testudo LLC can help with training your workers or testing materials so you are positive whether certain building components contain asbestos.

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