Lead Renovators Can Use D-Lead Test Kit in Wis.

D-Lead from Esca Tech

D-Lead from Esca Tech

Lead Safe Renovators in Wisconsin now have a second option when a homeowner asks them to test their home for lead-based paint. The state Department of Health Services (DHS) recently approved Esca Tech’s D-Lead test kit for use on household components prior to renovation work.

Following is a how-to video produced by Esca Tech:

DHS has also outlined a long list of guidelines for using D-Lead. Here’s a condensed version:

  • Only Lead Safe Renovators can use the test kit on a home built before 1978. This means that your trained employees cannot use a lead test kit under the Lead Safe Renovator rule.
  • Renovators can only test for lead-based paint after they receive permission from the homeowner.
  • D-Lead can only be used on wood, ferrous metal (alloys that contain iron), drywall or plaster substrates.
  • Each distinct component and surface to be disturbed must be tested separately with new testing materials. For example, a single window system may require the use of 10 or more swabs to test all components of the window, including interior sill, apron, window well, exterior sill, interior sash and muntins, exterior sash and muntins, interior window casing, window jamb, interior stop, exterior stop, and exterior framing.

These are just a few of the requirements for using D-Lead or LeadCheck legally and safely in Wisconsin. For a comprehensive breakdown on how to use D-Lead lead test kits in Wisconsin, see DHS’s website. For information on D-Lead pricing and availability, see the Esca Tech website.

With the approval of D-Lead, Lead Safe Remodelers in Wisconsin now have two lead-based paint test kit options. The first test kit, approved in 2012, was 3M’s LeadCheck. Like D-Lead, you’re required to use a new LeadCheck swab for every single component you’ll be disturbing in a given renovation.

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