Lead Trainers Meet in Wisconsin to Discuss EPA’s RRP Rule

Yesterday the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) hosted a meeting for the training providers responsible for educating contractors on lead safe work practices in Wisconsin. carcasas iphone 6s unicornio The agenda included topics you would expect, common training mistakes, important items to cover during class, etc. 

What I found most interesting was hearing feedback from the inspectors in Wisconsin who have been auditing contractors across the state. carcasa iphone se harry potter Here are a few of the items I think you’ll find interesting:

  • Out of the 65 audits that have been performed across WI since April 22, 2010 over half of them were due to contractors power washing old buildings (built before 1978, of course). The rule has only been in effect for 33 weeks, which means almost 2 jobsites are being found in violation each week.
  • Most complaints or suspected violations that were called in to DHS are coming from homeowners/landlords. carcasa iphone 7 plus 5 5 Contractors are outlining the added costs of lead safe renovations on their contracts but are not performing the work. carcasa iphone 7 survivor
  • As of 12-2-10 all contractors must have a current lead safe renovator license from WI DHS before beginning work on pre-1978 properties or child-occupied facilities. carcasas iphone 6s harry potter Up until yesterday, contractors who successfully completed a lead safe renovator training class was able to work on pre-78 buildings as long as the applications for licensure were in process with DHS.

The meeting went well, and I’m sure each of the 30 training providers that were present could agree that we learned some useful information for our classes.

If you have any questions on other items that were discussed during this meeting give me a call.

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