EPA Resources for Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule

Looking for files to download to get your renovations started? Here is where you will find files that can be used in all 50 states. For specific information about doing RRP work in Wisconsin, visit our Wisconsin resource page; for EPA run states visit the EPA Resource Page.

Renovate Right must be handed out to the Owner, Occupant and/or Parent or Guardian of each building you are renovating that is built prior to 1978. Print it directly from your computer. NEW VERSION UPDATED JULY 2011

Renovate Right Page 10
The EPA updated Renovate Right recently, giving it a new page 10. Print out and include with your old copies of Renovate Right.

This Pre-Renovation Checklist will help you make sure you are beginning each job as required by the RRP Rule.

This Post-Renovation Checklist will help you make sure each task was completed as required under the RRP Rule, it is also helpful when compiling your information for the owner/occupant after your job is complete.

The Small Entity Compliance Guide is an excellent reference brochure, complete with a FAQ section and flow charts to help lead you through the RRP procedures.

Steps to Lead Safe Renovation is the brochure the EPA highly recommends you use when training your employees for Lead Safe Renovations.

Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Programs Unsure if the building you are about to renovate falls under one of HUD’s programs? This document outlines mulitiple programs provided by HUD.

Need to register your company with EPA? If you are working outside of the states listed below, you’ll need to fill out this application and send it in to the EPA before working on any homes or child-occupied facilities built prior to 1978.

Here are the EPA’s RRP rules as they were written in 2008. Each state that administers its own RRP program follows these rules or a more strict version.



Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out EPA’s Lead websiteWisconsin’s Department of Health Services‘ website, or the National Lead Information Center. Feel free to come back to Testudo as we are always updating our information to keep you up to date.

The following states administer their own RRP program. These links will take you to the state agency responsible for overseeing the rule.