Save Time & Money With Lead Testing

Would you like to save 32 man-hours on your next lead paint remodeling job? If you’re concerned about things like profits and customer service, odds are you answered with a, “Hell yeah!” So how do you do it? The short answer is: lead testing. Without question, the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule increased the cost of remodeling pre-1978 homes. To keep job sites cleaner and healthier contractors use more materials and man-hours. But if you can prove beforehand that the components you’ll renovate are not coated in lead-based paint, you can disregard the RRP rule’s work requirements and save those man-hours for profitable work. samsung s8 cover clear Let’s look at an example from a gut and remodel at a Madison, Wis., home built in 1961. carcasa iphone 8 carga inalambrica Testudo conducted a lead inspection prior to the demolition work and measured the level of lead-based paint on 157 components slated for demo (walls, windows, doors, etc.). carcasa iphone 6 cristal In the end we reported to our client that all the lead testing results were negative. During a follow up discussion, the contractor told us he saved roughly 32 man-hours on the interior gut work since the lead-safe work practices were not required. Had the contractor skipped testing and just assumed the job would disturb lead-based paint, he would have been required to perform roughly 6 lead-safe containment set-ups, perform lead-safe work in those six rooms, thoroughly clean all those rooms, have a certified renovator check that they were cleaned properly, and finally gather all his job records for a post-renovation report. carcasa iphone 6s victoria secret That’s a significant chunk of time! You could say this contractor was able to get paid for this job 32 man-hours sooner. funda carcasa samsung s3 mini Or that he saved 32 hours of paid wages to his employees. carcasa lunares iphone 6 Or you could say he got to the next job 32 man-hours sooner.

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