Services: Lead (Pb) Testing

XRF analyzer

Paint testing results for an entire home in just a few hours with XRF testing

Whether you’re:

  • a homeowner concerned about the safety of your family
  • a landlord concerned about your tenant’s safety
  • a remodeling contractor concerned about your client’s health
  • a nonprofit or federal grant administrator …

Testudo offers multiple lead testing services that could save you thousands of dollars on your remodeling project. To perform the bulk of our lead inspections we use an X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer instead of relying on destructive paint chip sampling.

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Following are our most popular lead (Pb) testing services: Partial Lead Inspection, Full Lead Inspection and Risk Assessment. We can also test food for lead.

Risk Assessment

During a risk assessment, we evaluate the location, severity and significance of lead hazards in a structure. Deteriorated surface coatings (paint, stain, shellac, and varnish) are tested using an XRF analyzer. At the completion of the assessment, the building owner will be given information on how to safely remedy the lead hazards that were found, if any. In addition to XRF sampling, we can, if requested, sample dust, water and soil for lead content. We can also have organic items (like chicken eggs or other edible items) tested for lead content.

Partial Lead Inspection

Whether you’re planning for remodeling work in a home, school or daycare, a partial lead inspection could save you thousands of dollars given Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ (DHS) latest regulations for lead coatings. In an effort to reduce lead poisoning across Wisconsin, DHS is requiring contractors follow certain lead-safe work practices when remodeling coated surfaces in homes built before 1978. These work practices require extra time and material.

However, if you can prove that no lead paint will be disturbed in that area of the home, school or daycare, the contractor does not have to follow the lead-safe work practices.

This Partial Lead Inspection will only test the areas that will be disturbed in an upcoming renovation or areas of special interest. If you are planning a kitchen renovation, only the painted (stained, shellacked or varnished) surfaces that will be disturbed during the renovation will be tested. If lead is found, your contractor will need to be a Lead Safe Renovator. If no lead is found, your contractor does not need to take any special precautions for lead-based paint. This inspection also provides peace of mind for individuals concerned about certain areas of their property, like child play areas, for instance.

Full Lead Inspection

Whereas the partial lead inspection concentrates on a specific area of a home, school or daycare, with our full lead inspection we will test every surface coating in the structure.

The full lead inspection is ideal for people concerned about surface coatings throughout an entire property, whether you’re simply concerned about the overall health (or live-ability) of a structure or planning for a large remodeling job.

Lead Clearance

With a lead clearance, clients receive lab-analyzed data indicating the amount of lead dust remaining after a renovation job. We use a lead-dust sampling protocol created by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and the service is non-destructive. Specially formulated lead-dust wipes are used to collect samples from horizontal surfaces inside the renovation area. A certified lab analyzes the samples and tells us how much, if any, lead dust remains. If too much lead dust remains, the clearance fails.

This service is ideal for homeowners and also federal grant administrators. It’s up to the property owner and contractor to decide who will pay for the clearance and what happens in the event of a failed clearance. For example, in the even of a failed clearance, the two parties might agree that the contractor is required to re-clean the renovation area and pay for another clearance.

Food Testing

Lead is an element found throughout the planet, & it can wind up just about anything in trace amounts. Ever wonder whether the popular new food supplement you just bought contains lead? Ever wonder whether your backyard chickens are ingesting lead & depositing it in their meat or eggs? If you have any questions about the safety of the food you eat, we can have it tested for lead and most any other heavy metal, to boot.


Lead paint was banned from paint and residential housing products by 1978, but it still remains in over 24 million homes across the U.S. (and thousands of consumer products, to boot). The health effects of lead are many: Lead poisoning can lead to hearing loss, reproductive problems and brain damage, including learning disabilities and memory loss. Attention deficit disorder and behavioral problems are very common in children with lead poisoning.