Sherwin-Williams Must Pay $10M Legal Fee in R.I. Lead Paint Case

Paint maker Sherwin-Williams is on the hook for $10 million in legal fees associated with a Rhode Island court battle over its making and marketing of lead-based paint, according to Durability+Design.

The court battle is notorious in the coatings industry. The state of Rhode Island sued a conglomerate of paint makers in 1999 for creating a “public nuisance” and “‘a continuing threat of harm’ to children” in its lead paint products. Rhode Island won the first round and pressed the paint manufacturers, including Sherwin-Williams, for $2.4 billion for lead paint abatement activities. Then in 2008 the state’s Supreme Court reversed the trial judge’s ruling and the judgment of abatement. The most recent action concerns court fees only.

For the full article, see Durability+Design.

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