Lead Paint Classes

The most convenient way to take lead renovator classes from Testudo? Click a date on the calendar, register and pay online using a credit card.

Feel free to register using other methods:

Phone: Call us at (608) 205-8025, register and pay with a credit card or send a check in the mail.

Mail: Print this registration form, fill it out and mail it back to us at PO Box 3280, Madison, WI 53704, along with a check.

Drop in: Show up at a class, register and pay using a credit card, check or cash.

If you mail payment or expect to drop in at a class, keep in mind that your seat is not guaranteed until payment is received.

Etiquette for training classes is as follows; attendees unable to adhere to these policies will be removed from the event & will receive no refund. During in-person or online learning sessions, students are expected to comport themselves in a manner conducive to a positive learning environment. Students are expected to remain stationary—seated or standing is fine—throughout the session except during break times; students shall not talk over other attendees; students shall not be driving or conducting business functions—phone calls, discussions—that could be distracting to other attendees. Students are required to join the session by the designated start time; if they are late it may be impossible for them to complete the course. In that event, they would be required to register for a future training session & pay another registration fee in full.

Cancellations, Changes and Refunds: Due to the upfront nature of classes, fees will only be refunded, less a $30.00 processing fee, if cancellation or change resulting in a refund is received in writing no less than 96 hours prior to the beginning of class. Class enrollment substitutes are acceptable; all refunds will be processed after the training session.