‘They Still Put Lead in Toys?’ Yup, They Sure Do …

“They still put lead in toys?” Unfortunately, we hear this question far too often at Testudo. The answer is, yes, thousands of toys manufactured today contain hazardous amounts of lead despite a federal ban on such products. The result is that children throughout the U.S. continue being exposed to hazardous toxins simply by playing with their favorite toys. To help fix this problem Testudo will exhibit at the first annual Natural Parenting Expo March 10 at Madison’s Monona Terrace, and we will test any toy for lead free of charge! (And we’ll test dishes or any other household item, too.) Lead in toys is an issue that Testudo keeps a close eye on. One of our favorite websites is the Consumer Products Safety Commission, which keeps a tally of all the voluntary recalls manufacturers issue for toys that contain too much lead. Here’s a fairly typical example of a leaded product: the “Captain Cutlass Pirate Pistol,” which was made in China and sold at Halloween shops from April 2008 through May 2012 for $6.50. iphone 6 carcasa apple original Lead in toys: the Captain Cutlass toy pistol Lead in toys: the Toy Story bowling set toy And if you think manufacturers limit their lead to less-popular, cheap-ish toys, think again. carcasa iphone 6 plus guess In 2011 a Toy Story themed bowling set sold at Wal-Mart was the subject of a recall after it was found the red paint used on some pins contained too much lead. In 2008 HealthyStuff.org tested hundreds of popular toys and found 20 percent contained significant levels of toxic chemicals, including lead. Among the products found to have contained lead were a Hannah Montana earrings made by Disney, a toy from Magnetix, a harmonica in a band set made by Melissa & Doug, and a doctor’s kit by Fisher-Price (probably one of the most ubiquitous toy sets ever made). carcasa samsung galaxy a3 All of these particular products were made in China; however, HealthyStuff.org has said American-made toys sometimes contain lead, too. carcasas samsung s5 chile

Now for a little personal twist: My wife Samantha and I, who own Testudo, stocked our kitchen in 2008 with a new set of plates and bowls similar in style to Fiesta ware dishes. carcasa resistente al agua iphone 8 We ate off the dishes for a number of years before we wised up and thought to test their lead content one day. fundas iphone 8 plus armadura carcasa Needless to say, we tested them and they came back “hot”—we had been eating off leaded dishes. So back to the store we went and purchased a complete set of genuine Fiesta ware dishes, which is lead-free and made in Virginia.

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