Lead Safe Renovator Application Forms for Wisconsin Remodelers

Wisconsin is one of the twelve states that administers its own Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule program. It does so from within its Department of Health Services (DHS). Following are some resources to help Wisconsin firms follow the RRP rule.

Finished with training? This application must be filled out to complete the process in becoming a Certified Firm. Every firm who disturbs painted surfaces in pre-1978 housing or child-occupied facilities must be registered with the Department of Health Services (DHS) in WI.

Fill out the Individual Application for DHS to complete your certification as a Certified Renovator. Until this file has been sent in to DHS you are NOT certified to work on properties built before 1978 if you are disturbing a leaded surface.

Interested in finding out more about Wisconsin’s viewing of lead hazards? Download the Emergency Rule that was passed in October of 2009.

Wisconsin’s Final RRP Rule. Get all the information you need about this rule and how to follow it. (Make sure you have plenty of caffiene before attempting this… it is known to cure even the worst cases of insomnia).

Do you own Rental Properties? Find out how you fit into the RRP rule.

Are you a contractor who just found out about this rule and don’t know if you need this certification? Find out how you fit into WI’s RRP rule here.

Are you a licensed Abatement Worker or an Abatement Supervisior? Read this to find out if your current license is enough under the RRP rule or if you need to take the Lead Safe Renovation course.

Are you a Plumber or HVAC Contractor? Read this to find out if you need certification.

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Click the following links to view the latest list of lead-certified companies:
  • Lead Safe Company: Companies who are certified by Wisconsin Department of Health Services to provide Lead Safe Renovations (note: These companies are not necessarily qualified to offer lead abatement services).
  • Lead Abatement Company: Companies who are certified by Wisconsin Department of Health Services to provide lead abatement services.