Does my water contain lead?

May 12, 2019

The water crisis in Flint, MI, has spurred many inquiries about lead in tap water. If you’re curious to know about what can be done about lead in your drinking water, have a look at this FAQ. What caused the water crisis in Flint? We’re going to leave the politics at the door here and … Read more

Lead in Tile? Yes, There Is!

May 11, 2019

“There’s lead in tile?” We get this question quite a bit at Testudo LLC, and the answer is an emphatic “Yes!” Still, it’s a question that requires a little explaining. When we talk about ceramic tile, the lead we’re concerned about isn’t located in the tile itself—actually, the lead is located in the protective glazing … Read more

RRP Ranking Puts Wisconsin at No. 3

May 10, 2019

The Lead Safe Renovator program in Wisconsin ranks 3rd in the nation for implementing the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule, according to researchers in the Geography Department at Boston University. Lead program aspects highlighted as being the most important to lead experts interviewed included 1) informing the regulated community of … Read more

Lead in Little People Toys Confirmed

May 9, 2019

There was the colorful parking garage with that nifty gas pump near the exit, the barn tote complete with silo, tractor, fencing and animals, the airport terminal COMPLETE WITH A FREAKING AIRPLANE!? If any of these items rings a bell, you—like your author—undoubtedly had a childhood replete with the Little People toys made by the Fisher Price company. … Read more

Save Time & Money With Lead Testing

May 8, 2019

Would you like to save 32 man-hours on your next lead paint remodeling job? If you’re concerned about things like profits and customer service, odds are you answered with a, “Hell yeah!” So how do you do it? The short answer is: lead testing. Without question, the EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule increased … Read more

Enforcement of WI’s Lead Safe Renovator Rule

May 7, 2019

When we go out and teach the Lead Safe Renovator class throughout Wisconsin, some of the most frequent questions we get are about enforcement—who does it, how many inspectors are there, how much are the fines, how are the authorities finding out about non-compliant job sites? So, let’s get to work answering all those questions … Read more